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Dirt (spell)
Dirt (spell)

Faith: 40
Favor: 20
Difficulty: 50
Target: Tile, Item
Casting time: 10 seconds


Only a Priest of Fo can cast this spell


The target tile is the lower-right of the four center tiles. Numbers in red are slope readings if cast on flat land.

Dirt creates a small amount of dirt in a container with sufficient volume such as a small cart or destroys dirt on the target tile.

If you choose to destroy dirt, it will remove 5 dirt on the northwest corner of the target tile and 3 dirt on each of the 8 surrounding corners.

(Tests spawned 7 dirts or removed a total of 29 dirts.)

The image provided shows the resulting slope when cast on flat land. The center is the north-west corner of the lower-right center tile, which is the target tile.


  1. Activate your deity's statuette
  2. Right-click on a tile or container
  3. Select Spells > Dirt (spell)


  • An area of 4 by 4 will be affected if you choose to destroy dirt. The northwest corner of the target tile is the center of effect.
  • You can't cast on a tile that is within 2 tiles to walls or trees/bushes. (Message: You need to clear the area first.)
  • Can be cast on sand, dirt, marsh and grass tiles. Rock, tar, clay, peat and cliff is unaffected.
  • Marsh can be removed with this spell when it is dug to rock on all corners.
  • It can be cast in water, with the same effect as casting on land (removal of some dirt).
  • When cast on a container (with sufficient empty space), it will spawn 6 dirt inside.