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Small cart
A Small cart
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  • Small cart
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A small two wheel cart designed to be dragged by one person.


  • A small cart is a mobile container used to transport items.
  • The first plank is not lost if you fail the initial attachment.
  • The quality of the cart affects its decay rate. Small carts are naturally very resistant to damage.
  • The volume of items affects how many fit into a cart.
  • Although carts cannot be dragged in water tiles, they can be pushed therein.
  • 6.05 kg of dye is needed to paint a cart.
  • An unfinished cart missing only one plank weighs 23.40 kg, and will fit inside other carts and rafts for easy transport.
  • The maximum weight you can drag in a small cart is determined by the formula (Body strength * 7 - Amount of weight you're carrying) * 10 - 60kg. See body strength for more details.
  • A small cart can be locked with a small or large padlock.
  • You can not hitch animals to a small cart.
  • A small cart may be loaded into a large cart or bigger transport vehicle.
  • The final piece of wood added will determine the wood type of the cart when attached.

Useful Quantities

The following are the maximum hard-coded amounts of certain items a small cart can hold due to their volume or other factors (weight has no say here).

Clay or similar items can be combined to bypass the universal container limit of 100 items since their volume is small.

Crafting Inside Carts

This is a precarious thing to do as sometimes an item must be on the ground in order to be continued or finished. Other times the item may be too heavy to remove from the cart once finished or too heavy to remove to add the last piece, leaving you with a 99% complete item that can never be used and a useless cart. It is impossible to finish most items inside carts.

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