Farmer's salve

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Farmer's salve
A Farmer's salve
  • Farmer's salve (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


This faintly healing salve will cure swelling and bruises. It has a pretty vibrant smell of garlic.

Farmer's salve is a low weight healing item used for healing bruises, and poison and internal wounds.


Farmer's salve will not work on any wound above a medium. It acts the same as bandaging would, and thus will not work if a wound is already bandaged.

Light or very light wounds take 0.01 of the weight of the farmer's salve, and medium wounds take 0.02. Use of a farmer's salve gives First aid skill.

Wound type must be a bruise, poison wound, or internal wound to use a farmer's salve. A farmer's salve will not work on bite, burn, cut or hole type wounds.

When using a farmer's salve to heal a bruise, the text next to the wound reads "bandaged" but when healing a poison wound or internal wound it gives the special text "applied". Farmer's salve is currently only one of very few possible ways to heal a poison or internal wound, the other ways being tied specifically to religion.


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