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Wurm has four observable seasons, two of which are distinctly different by in-game changes. In Autumn, leaves fall to the ground leaving dirt tiles to be filled with leaves and Winter covers all of Wurm in snow. The following calendar highlights the seasons related to their month and day in Wurm though it is not necessarily exact and players can expect a season to begin a few days before or after the days listed on the calendar.

Additionally, Trees and Bushes can only be harvested when they are in season. The harvesting seasons listed below will not start on the first day of the listed week but a few days into the week. To get a more accurate timeline for when items are able to be harvested, one can construct or purchase an Almanac.


  • Please note: The actual season for harvest can be -/+ 2 weeks. Also any day (and any min in that day) in that week.

Wurm Calendar.png

(Image taken from Yaga's "WurmClock V3", by courtesy of Yaga.)


Helpful tools

  • WurmClock: Windows desktop app showing time, date, season and weather (by Yaga)
  • To find out if a bush/tree is near or ready to harvest, right-click it and select "Examine".

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