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Main / Harvesting Seasons

Trees and bushes can only be harvested when they are in season. The harvesting seasons listed below will not start on the first day of the listed week but a few days into the week.

Harvesting seasons

See: Calendar


Helpful tools

  • WurmClock: Windows desktop app showing time, date, season and weather (by Yaga)
  • Season Calculator: Tells how many Wurm days are left until the harvesting seasons. (by Toni)
  • Time Calculator: Tells how long until a certain day in Wurm from the current day. (by Toni)
  • Great season calculator: Great calculator that shows time left till certain season in Wurm time and RL time.
  • To find out if a bush/tree is near or ready to harvest, right-click it and select "What is this?".

See also

  • Time, for a full calendar and list of weekdays