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A Mycelium
  • Max flat speed: N/A
  • Can be created by players?: Can be
  • Underground: No
  • influence or spell

Main / Terrain / Mycelium


You see large entwined fungus roots on rotten grass.

Mycelium is the taint of Libila manifesting on the land.


Mycelium grows in three ways.

  1. Existing mycelium spreads to nearby tiles much the same way grass and flowers spread.
  2. A priest/champion of Libila can cast Corrupt to spawn mycelium.
  3. Casting Rite of death will spawn Mycelium in Libila's area of influence. This will only spread to tiles listed below.

Mycelium requires HotS, or a HotS PMK, influence to grow and survive. If this is missing, the mycelium will start disappearing over time.

Mycelium can grow on these tiles:

Mycelium turns to dirt if you dig on it.


  • Blacklighters can absorb mycelium by right-clicking it and selecting the option absorb. This action takes about 10 seconds. By doing this they are able to cure a random wound for 7 damage(NOTICE: it heals not damages.). They then need to wait 30 seconds for the next wound to be healed. The mycelium tile is destroyed in the process. Mycelium can also be used to heal disease through numerous consecutive absorption actions. This feature is weakly documented and may be subject to change or other factors.
  • Mycelium also restores the food bar and halts the loss of carbs, calories, fats and proteins of followers of Libila over time while they're standing on it. The increase is approximately the same as the normal decrease from hunger.
  • A follower of Libila with high enough faith gets a reduced stamina drain while traveling on mycelium tiles. This is believed to happen at 30 faith.
  • If a Libila priest casts Bless on a grazing animal, it will become "corrupted" and eat mycelium instead of grass. This can be reversed if the animal is then blessed by a White Light priest. You can see if an animal has been corrupted by examining it.