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Hanging lamp
A Hanging lamp
  • Hanging lamp (5.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 100g of paint.


A decorative lamp head on a wooden pole.


  • Street lamps are stationary light sources. They are planted much like a sign and can be picked up by the planter only.
  • You need 10 digging skill to plant a lamp, and the lamp must have at least 10 effective quality.
  • Planted lamps that fall below 10 effective quality due to decay or other damage become unplanted, and can be picked up normally.
  • There's no limit to how many street lamps you can plant.
  • When planted on a deed, lamps will be automatically lit during night and unlit during the day. They do respond to manual control and when snuffed, will stay dark at night. This is also true after planting, so you need fuel to light them the first time.
  • Off-deed lamps within 24 tiles of a deed that has one or more Spirit templars and a huge oil barrel full of olive oil will be kept filled and stay lit indefinitely.

Blessed lamps

  • Off deed lamps will stay lit until out of fuel, unless they are blessed by any priest.
  • Blessed lamps planted off deed on pavement tiles or bridges will auto-light in the evening and consume no fuel as long as they are fueled and lit initially.
  • Blessed lamps planted on or off deed on reinforced cave tiles will remain lit continually.


  • When creating, the quality of the log affects your success chance.
  • When combining a street lamp head with a log, the entire log is consumed even if it is more than the required weight.
  • Street lamps need 0.125kg of tar or olive oil as fuel to fill to max capacity.
  • All street lamps can be dyed with 100g of dye. The dye will only affect the colour of the light the lamp emits, not the lamp itself.
  • The lamp quality determines how far the lamp will illuminate.
  • Lamps can be bashed off deed as well as picked up if they have 70+ dmg and/or are 10 quality and below.
  • Despite being called "hanging lamps, iron" in the crafting menu, hanging lamps can be created from any metal. The finished model will differ in appearance, depending on the metal used for the hanging lamp head.