Hitching post

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Hitching post
A Hitching post
Total materials
  • Hitching post
Skill and improvement

Main / Skills / Carpentry / Hitching post


A post to hitch creatures.


  • Any creature that can be hitched to a large cart can be hitched to a hitching post, as well as a cow, sheep, ram, donkey, and tamed dog. If a creature is younger than Adolescent, you will get this message "The young {name} is too weak."
  • Hell horses can be “Tied Off” to a hitching post at any age.
  • A hitching post can hold 3 creatures.
  • Creatures can eat from the trough of a hitching post as long as there is food in it that they are normally able to eat.
  • A creature will eat from a trough at the same rate as they would normally graze.
  • A hitching post cannot be picked up into player inventory. It can only be transported. It can be loaded into a wagon but not a large cart.
  • Hitching posts are lockable and spawn with a 1ql small padlock lock on creation.
  • Hitching post can be locked with large or small padlocks
  • You cannot load or move a hitching post with creatures hitched to it.
  • Hitching posts have 2 main permissions: Manage and Use. A player with use permissions can unhitch any creature by either right-clicking the creature and clicking unhitch (singular), or right-clicking the hitching post and clicking Animals > Unhitch (All).
  • Only creature-edible items can be placed into a trough (seed, meat, veg, fish, etc).