Large storage unit

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Large storage unit
A Large storage unit
Total materials
  • 1 Large storage unit (230.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A wooden storage unit with shelves inside to store a large amount of items.

Used to store large items like saddles or fishing rods in one place for easy access.


Total Materials


  • Can be planted.
  • Can be locked with a large padlock.
  • Has three shelves with a volume of 1344 or 100 items each.
  • Cannot be mailed.
  • Cannot be loaded in a runed wagon with 5% size
  • Has to be empty in order to be picked up.
  • Finished weight is 230 kg, requiring Body Strength of >32.85 to carry
  • When empty, can be loaded and unloaded from vehicles.
  • Does not reduce decay of contents
  • Only containers that can be picked up can be put into it.