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Small raft
A Small raft
Total materials
  • Small raft (60.0 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 2304g of paint.


A small, very rudimentary raft that can be dragged by one person in the water.


  • Used to transport cargo over water, like masses of dirt, stone shards and ore.
  • The QL of the nails determines creation success. The wood type of the last plank or log added determines the wood type of the completed raft. The plank and large nails will both take damage upon creation failure. Additional components will receive damage if you fail to add them.
  • A raft needs to be floating on water to be dragged, but can be pulled/pushed if on land.
  • Rafts put a massive strain on stamina, so it is not advisable to drag them over large distances since you can drown very quickly.
  • Construction only requires 18kg logs. If you use a bigger log (such as a 24kg "full" log), it will consume the entire log and the excess will be lost.
  • Can fit a total of 40 dirt, ore or shards (800kg)
  • Can be picked up.
  • Often used in large carts or boats to increase cargo capacity.
  • An unfinished raft (with one nail missing) will weigh between 82.1kg and 90.10kg, but the finished raft will only weigh 60kg.
  • See containers for volume information for all containers.

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