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Main / Terrain / Lawn

A Lawn
  • Max flat speed: 12.20km/h
  • Can be created by players?: Yes
  • Underground: No


You see a patch of well maintained lawn.


Lawn is created by first cutting grass short and then activating scissors and Right Click > Nature > Trim grass on the tile.

"You start to trim the grass to lawn length."

"You trim the grass to look like a lawn."


  • Lawn tiles are simply for decoration and no nature actions may be used upon them:
Flowers and sprouts may not be planted.
Cannot be foraged or botanized upon.
Animals cannot graze on the lawn.
  • A tree or bush may be turned into lawn by first cutting the grass with a sickle and then cutting with scissors.
  • A shovel can be used to pack or dig which will destroy the Lawn.
  • Lawn cannot be made into enchanted grass.
  • Leaves do not display in autumn.
  • On deed, lawn will not decay; on perimeter and off-deed; lawn will decay and return to short grass.