Sceptre of ascension

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Sceptre of ascension
A Sceptre of ascension

This item cannot be crafted.


Sceptre of ascension

Skill and improvement


A large bulky sceptre, made from shiny white steel with black steel thorns attached to the head.


This item in possession of a Blacklighter (follower of Libila) will upon activation give the option to destroy the Altar of Three when you right click upon it. However the strength needed to do so is dependent upon followers of your faith and the faith they have in Libila.


  • This is a unique item currently found on Chaos, Defiance, and Elevation. It cannot be moved to any other server.
  • To find its location or carrier, use the Locate artifact spell.
  • It must be recharged regularly.
  • It does not decay or take damage from use.
  • Using it gives the message : "You feel Libila's light shine on you...".
  • Rotting touch effect when used as a weapon.
  • Can be used as a medium maul which does decent damage against walls / palisades, around 0.25 to 0.5 damage per hit.
  • Can be used to destroy normal altars as well.