Morning fog

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Morning fog
A Morning fog

Faith: 30
Favor: 5
Difficulty: 10
Target: Creature
Casting time: 9 seconds


Only a Priest of Fo can cast this spell


Morning fog is a spell which grants some protection from thorns. The protection is not permanent like a blessing; it is temporary. How good a protection one receives from the spell can be seen under "Settings > Spell Effects". This spell is great for grinding your channeling skill due to the very low favor cost.


  1. Activate a statuette of Fo
  2. Right-click a creature or person
  3. Select Spells > Morning fog

Event Window

Start: "You start to cast 'Morning fog' on yourself."

Success:"You cast 'Morning fog' on yourself." "You now have protection from thorns and lava."

Better power recast: "You will now receive improved protection from thorns and lava."

Fail: [20:31:21] You fail to channel the 'Morning fog'.

Combat window message when not facing the creature you're casting on You must turn towards Fosnake in order to see it.