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A Thorn bush

This is a very large bush with sharp thorns. Cannot be harvested, and is mainly used as a primitive defense against invaders.


  • When a thorn bush reaches old age, the thorns will cause cutting wounds if you go on that tile - be wary of the orange "You are pierced by the sharp thorns!" message.
  • It seems that reaching old age is not enough for thorns to become effective. It doesn't start functioning at the start of old age, but after about a week of being old.
  • Player with at least 40 faith in Fo will not be harmed by the thorns, and the Fo spell Morning fog provides some protection to them.
  • Enchanted thorn bushes do not hurt either.
  • Axes do 50% lower damage to these bushes than other bushes and trees.
  • Thorns do not hurt passive or aggressive creatures.