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Mirabelle started playing on Oct 12, 2007. First trying to help build the undeeded village Isernia. Due to someone planting a homestead deed on their terraformed land, the village of Isernia fell apart. Later she became a member of the village Soddom, where she served as a Noble.

As the village of Serenity Port was purchased by the mayor of Soddom on Nov 18, 2007, most of the villagers moved to the bigger sized village. Mirabelle continued her service as an Elder in Serenity Port.

Due to the mayor quitting Wurm, Serenity Port's citizens began to look for other villages. Being the last one leaving, Mirabelle joined the village of Ahkenaten on Mar 16, 2008. She became a co-mayor on Sep 19, 2008.

On Jun 17, 2009 she embarked on a new adventure as a major part of her village set sail south to Independance. After a long journey they arrived and found a spot to set up their new village.

End of 2014/beginning of 2015, during a long period of inactivity, ownership of Akhenaten changed hands and she was no longer a co-mayor.


Currently in Xanadu.



  • [Apothecarist]
  • [Blacksmith]
  • [Butcher]
  • [Carpenter]
  • [Caterer]
  • [Cook]
  • [Crofter]
  • [Digger]
  • [Dragonslayer]
  • [Drover]
  • [Ecologist]
  • [Excavator]
  • [Farmer]
  • [Giantslayer]
  • [Guru]
  • [Handywoman]
  • [High Mason]
  • [High Tanner]
  • [Iron chef]
  • [Lumberjack]
  • [Mason]
  • [Materia Tamer]
  • [Miner]
  • [Prime Minester]
  • [Prospector]
  • [Renowned Blacksmith]
  • [Renowned Carpenter]
  • [Repairwoman]
  • [Sculptor]
  • [Shieldsmith]
  • [Tailor]
  • [Tanner]
  • [Timberwoman]
  • [Tim the Toolwoman]
  • [Trollslayer]