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Main / Skills / Repairing

Repairing is the skill used to repair damage on items. Repairing is useful for keeping items and buildings in good shape. A high repair skill will reduce the amount of quality lost while repairing.


  • If repairing requires raw materials like a plank, log, stone shards, wood scrap or stone brick, activate the material needed first, then right-click the structure
  • Vynora priests can use the Mend spell to repair otherwise unrepairable items.
  • If you try to repair a house wall within some other deed's perimeter, you will get the error message "<Deed Name> does not allow that."
  • The timer on repairing is affected by your mind logic and repairing skill.
  • The amount of QL reduction from repairing is affected by your repair skill in comparison to the items QL.

Materials and damage reduction

Each material used will repair up to 10 damage depending on quality and repairing skill.

Material Structure/Item
Log Wooden palisade gate, Palisade
Plank Wooden fence, Wooden fence gate, Low rope fence/High rope fence, Wooden house walls/Windows/Doors/Roofs
Stone shards Stone wall
Stone brick Chain fence, Iron fence, Iron fence gate, Tall stone wall, Stone house walls/Windows/Doors
Sandstone brick Sandstone wall
Wood scrap Woven fence

Not an all-inclusive list - please add any additional items/materials to the above table that are not included.

Characteristics trained

See: Characteristics


  • Repairman/Repairwoman at 50 skill
  • Materia Tamer at 70 skill
  • Master Fixer at 90 skill
  • Damage Control at 100 skill