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Quality level (or just quality), QL, is one of the most important statistics in Wurm. It is shown in various inventories and also when examining an item.

QL decides how good something is and how well it works.

A 1 QL item would be considered extremely low, 50 QL would be average, and 99 QL would be extremely good.

Effective quality

Damage reduces the effective quality of an item. The effective quality can be calculated with

  • effective quality = quality * (100 - damage) / 100

A 50QL item with 10 damage has an effective quality of 45QL


Higher quality decreases:

  • The rate at which items are damaged by use, attack, and decay.
  • The time it takes to use or to create something.
  • The time it takes to heat up an item.

And increases:

  • The general performance of the item.
  • The quality of the items they produce.
  • Chance of success when creating something with them.


  • The legibility of the signature displayed on the item, starting at 20 QL. Note that not all items have signatures.

Unique cases

Higher quality increases:

  • The number of guards in a guard tower. There is one guard every 10 QL, so a 24 QL tower has 2 guards while a 41 QL tower has 4 guards. A tower will always have 1 guard but it will not get a second until it passes 20 QL.
  • The range and strength of a god's presence around an altar.
  • The amount food will fill up the hunger and nutrition bars.