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Main / Skills / Nature / Foraging / Rice

A Rice

Obtained through foraging.

  • Rice (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


Some rice. Rice requires a lot of water to grow.



  • You can frequently find Rice by foraging, especially on grass tile 1-2 tiles beside water or, with 43 or more foraging skill, on marsh tiles.
  • Rice requires a water depth of at least 1 and a maximum of 4. The "Drink" option in the context menu will first appear when at least one corner of a tile is one dirt below water. Another way to measure depth is with a shovel's maximum dig depth. Three dirts up from maximum shovel dig depth is the maximum planting depth (4 dirts below water) and six dirts up is the minimum planting depth (1 dirt below water).
  • Sowing is possible if at least one corner is within the acceptable zone and the standard farming sloped tile restriction apply.
  • A Rice field can be tended, harvested, and sown like other farm crops.

Pile of rice

Rice-harvest.png Picture of rice field growing.