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Botanizing is the skill used when searching a tile for herbs, seeds and resources. Right-click on a tile and select Nature > Botanize. With 20 skill and premium account a player can specify what to search for. Some resources can be used to create healing covers or dye, and seeds can be used for farming.

Higher skill reduces the action timer, increases the average quality of the items found, increases the likelihood of finding more than a single item on one tile, and enables you to botanize on more tile types.

Skill Unlock Comment
1 botanize on grass, trees, and steppe
20 choose what to botanize (Anything, Herbs, Seeds, Spices, and Resources) Need to be premium for this to work.
26 botanize two items on grass one item on short grass
27 botanize on marsh
35 botanize on moss
53 botanize three items on grass one item on short grass
80 botanize four items on grass one item on short grass







This area looks picked clean. There is nothing to be botanized on the tile.
You find nothing interesting. There is nothing to be botanized but you will find something foragable here.


  • A tile can be botanized every 24 real hours. It is believed that the timer is triggered by an attempt, and not by an actual item being found. Therefore if nothing is found, try another tile, instead of repeatedly trying the same one. Tiles not foraged or botanized for a long time can still be empty.
  • Tiles that are not foraged for long periods of time (a week or longer) have a higher chance of giving something than tiles that are checked 24 to 36 hours apart.
  • It also seems that there is a higher chance of getting something if the tile has flowers on it.
  • It is possible to both forage and botanize on the same tile as these actions are on separate timers.
  • Different tiles, player condition, and other possible variables affect the percentage of items that can be botanized.
  • You are more likely to find acorns around oak trees.
  • You have a chance to obtain rare coin while botanizing.
  • Botanizing can be done while moving, so long as you do not move too far away (two tiles) from the tile you are currently working on.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Herbalist at 50 skill
  • Botanist at 70 skill
  • Loremaster at 90 skill


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