Scythe trap

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Scythe trap
A Scythe trap
Total materials
  • Scythe trap (50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A very deadly trap, this one is made from a scythe blade hidden in masonry disguised as a rock.


  • Used to deal heavy damage when placed on rock and cave tiles.
  • Only harms players in PvP, does not affect PvE Mobs.


  • Creation success is influenced by the active stone brick.
  • Failure in creating will damage both the stone brick and the clay; failure in continuing will damage the item being added.
  • These are difficult to make and continue, around 50 masonry is recommended.
  • The success rate is highly dependent on the QL of the material.
  • The traps skill affects the placement chance.
  • The trap's volume is very large; a single trap is too big to fit in a small cart.
  • Improving these is a very good way to train masonry.
  • Suspected to be one of the deadliest traps, sided closely by the axe trap.
  • The unfinished trap is much heavier than the finished trap.