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Fog spider
A Fog spider
Yes, this creature will attack unprovoked.
No, this creature is unable to be tamed.
No, this creature is unable to be dominated.
No, this creature cannot be groomed.
No, this creature cannot be ridden.
No, this creature cannot swim.
Butchering produces
Meat (0.9 kg/piece)
Meat type
Carnivore, players


Usually only encountered under foggy conditions, this creature is often considered an Omen.

The Fog spider is a dangerous, aggressive insect with eight legs and an appetite for players.


  • Fog spiders run as fast as a player with no load. Younger and older spiders are slower.
  • All spiders are known to pursue players for quite a distance.
  • Fog spiders can teleport and phase through fences and walls. [16:46:48] Aged fog spider phases!
  • Fog spiders have stun attacks and deal poison wounds.
  • Fog spiders drop 1 kg of water upon death, which has no side effects when drinking. It is found in the corpse.
  • Fog spiders were introduced into the game in late 2015 to honor former Game Master Oracle. He was known for teasing players in kingdom chat with warnings about (then fictional) fog spiders and then setting fog to near blackout levels.[[1]]


Fighting Tips

  • Fog spiders, like all other animals, become stronger and bigger as they age.
  • A young fog spider is weak, and does not aim well for the head.
  • Older fog spiders are strong, cause a lot of damage per hit, and will aim for the head. (They also focus with more success)


  • Spider graphics can be turned into blobs for those suffering from arachnophobia. To activate this, enable Phobia Mode in the advanced graphics tab before logging in to Wurm Online.