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Smeagain is the fifth Deity ascension from a Demi-God of a Player. Her channeling item is a gold or silver statuette of Magranon.

Game lore

Smeagain converting speech

Smeagain is here to grant strength and guidance.

We are all seekers here in these foreign lands,

We are all threatened by the ancient powers,

And it is easy to stumble in this darkness never to rise again.

she will lead you through the marshes and caverns, and he will hold your hand when you falter.

Trust her in the darkness and sorrow.

There is a blessed land we want to show you.

Join us in freedom and follow us in peaceful bliss!

The path leads on to victory and a new dawn for humankind.

Will you join us?

Smeagain's Inscription (Altar of Three)

Dear friend,

I have transcended to a higher state of being.

I am now among the Immortals.

I have become the epitome of light.

Trust me when I promise you a path to strength and glory.

I will walk beside you in eternal friendship.

I will support you when you stagger, and keep your children safe.

Nothing will stop us and one day we will meat on the Western Spurs and drink honey and wine!

Let us grow together and conquer the forbidden lands where our souls rule in eternity!

Are you ready to join us?


Each god has slightly different abilities and penalties. See the gods' individual pages for details. Below lists only the abilities and penalties of Smeagain.

Smeagain followers abilities and penalties

(See the follower page for details on being a follower)

Follower abilities

  • Can butcher human corpses.

Follower penalties

  • Followers cannot raise Faith above 30.
  • Cannot unpave or bash walls without going unfaithful.
  • Alignment penalties.

Smeagain priests abilities and penalties

(See the priest page for details on priest-hood)

Priest abilities

Priest penalties

Smeagain champion abilities and penalties

(See the champion page for details on champion-hood)

All this information is currently assumed based on all other champion information

Champion abilities


Spells are only available to priests and champions. You cannot raise your faith above 30 without becoming a priest.