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Altar Of Three.png

The Altar of Three can only be found only on the Chaos, Defiance and Elevation servers, and is the home of Fo, Magranon and Vynora. Its evil counterpart is the Bone Altar.

A large white light shines upon it, which is visible from most of the server.

The domain generated is for Fo.

The Altar of Three can be used for converting between religions and the white light kingdoms, becoming a priest.

Chaos server

On Chaos, the destruction of the Altar of Three is one of the goals in the war between the whitelight kingdoms of Jenn-Kellon and Mol-Rehan and the blacklight kingdom of Horde of the Summoned. The break altar spell or the Sceptre of ascension can be used to destroy an altar.

The effects of destroying the Altar of Three are as documented on September, 21st 2009. These were learned from the results of a bug, and may be subject to future changes:

  • A server-wide event message : The Altar of Three has fallen! A new era begins!
  • Removal of the ability to become a WL priest by using the White Light.
    • The Freedom method of using a priest with high faith (40+) to convert a follower with 30 faith to a priest was still possible.
  • Destruction of all WL altars currently on the map.
    • Stone and wood altars could be rebuilt, gold and silver could be blessed and were functional after the WL destruction. Faith could be regained.

Destruction on Chaos

The destruction of the Altar of Three on the Chaos server occurred and the result of it was the Altar relocating to the northeastern side of the map. Whitelight players also reported getting a medium wound on their heads from it too. Nothing else happened.

Current functionality

If the altar of three would be destroyed now, the altar would disappear only to reappear somewhere else, a random amount of artifacts would go back into the ground. It does not lower the faith of WL priests anymore.


  • You cannot place a deed or guard tower within 100 tiles of the Altar of Three
  • Used to cause all WL priests and followers to get half of their faith reduced.