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Followers are individuals who have accepted religion into their Wurm life and have chosen to align themselves with one of the many gods. In doing so they have accepted some minimal restrictions in return for their gods blessing. The blessing is specific to each god and may be received after achieving 20 faith skill points which are gained through prayer. The benefits are passive so no special actions or items are required for them to be active. Becoming a follower is also the first step to priesthood.

Once a follower has reached 30 faith they may then choose to become a priest. The process to become a priest follows closely to that of becoming a follower, only with more prerequisites and comes with many more restrictions.

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Main article: Convert

To become a follower a player may seek out a priest or follower of the desired religion and seek conversion. The player must meet the requirements and use /invitations to enable the existing follower to convert them. The existing follower can then activate their deity's statuette and right-click the player and click Religion > Convert. The player may also make the risky pilgrimage to the Altar of Three for white light or the Bone Altar for black light deities. These special altars exist on the PvP servers of Chaos (Freedom) or Elevation (Epic).


To become a follower the player needs at least 1.5 in their overall body characteristic. To follow Fo at least +1.0 alignment is required and -1.0 is needed to follow Tosiek or Nathan. Other gods do not require any specific alignment. The alignment requirement is not needed when using the Altar of Three or Bone Altar on Chaos or Elevation.


  • There is a 7 day cooldown between being converted between religions.

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