Straw bed

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Straw bed
A Straw bed
Total materials
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.

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A bed made from some grasses.


  • You can logout in bed, accumulating useful sleep bonus the longer you are offline. Right-click the bed and select 'Sleep'.
  • It gives 75% of the sleep bonus of a regular bed.
  • To find out if a bed is available or who is sleeping in it, examine it. If the bed is occupied, it will say: Some kind of mysterious haze lingers over the <type of wood> bed, and you notice that the <type of wood> bed is occupied by the spirit of <playername>
  • After the sleeper has accumulated the maximum sleep bonus (5 hours), the bed will be automatically freed up for other players to sleep in.
  • If the bed is not on your own deed, there will be a 60 second timer to log out.
  • Sleeping damages a bed, regardless of the house being on a deed or not.
  • Straw beds cannot be repaired.
  • Straw beds can be started, finished, and placed outside a building (or brought into a building).
  • Straw beds can also be picked up into inventory providing you are strong enough.
  • It can be pushed, pulled, and rotated.
  • Can be loaded into any vehicle, except a small cart.
  • No more than 1 bed can fit on a floor or outside tile.
  • You cannot place items on a straw bed.


  • Anyone can sleep on a straw bed. There is no option for setting permissions. (still needs verified for deed permission requirements)

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