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Clad is the terminology given to the process of applying materials to an existing reinforced mine wall. This is used in a decorative or aesthetic purpose, and has no further reinforcement effect on the tile it is applied to. Requires at least 30 masonry to perform the action.

Clad Options

Wall Type Material Used Image
Stone brick Stone brick x10
Mortar x10
Stone brick reinforced cave wall.jpg
Marble brick Marble brick x10
Mortar x10
Marble brick reinforced cave wall.jpg
Pottery brick Pottery brick x10
Mortar x10
Pottery brick reinforced cave wall.jpg
Round stone brick Rounded stone x10
Mortar x10
Rounded stone brick reinforced cave wall.jpg
Sandstone brick Sandstone brick x10
Mortar x10
Sandstone brick reinforced cave wall.jpg
Slate brick Slate brick x10
Mortar x10
Slate brick reinforced cave wall.jpg
Wood clad Plank x10
Large nails x1
Wood clad reinforced cave wall.jpg
Rendered brick Stone brick reinforced wall + Clay (10kg) Rendered brick reinforced cave wall.jpg


To clad a mine wall, one must first reinforce it with a support beam.

Activate a trowel (for brick cladding), or a hammer or mallet (for wooden cladding), right-click the reinforced wall, then click the desired Clad option. Then, use the same tool to continue cladding with the materials listed.

To create a rendered brick reinforced wall, first clad with stone bricks and mortar to create a stone brick reinforced wall, then combine clay into a single unit at least 10kg large. Activate the clay, right-click the wall, and click Render wall. 10kg of clay will be consumed and the wall will become rendered.

Removing clad

Clad must be removed with the use of a crowbar. After clad removal, the tile will remain reinforced and unprepared as it was prior to its cladding.

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