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Helpful Player

I try to help newcomers with questions about the game, not help them physically and such. I usually have time to chat, and so it's not really a bother if you PM me in-game. I usually just sit around doing something, without much action.

Basic Information

Village - Shore Haven

Job - Toy-maker

Main Goal - Planning to become the best non-premium account in the game, by maxing out as many skills to 20 as possible. The list of how many and what I plan are below.

I am non-premium, and so maxed out means level 20.00.


Maxed Out Skill List:

Next in line:


Went by the name of Marche in Beta Map 8 and Gold Map 1.

Beta Map 8

I was part of East Haven, under Wintersolstice's rule. He was kind to me, and offered me 1 silver coin for each cart I produced. I ended up producing 5, then going to found my own homestead of Escalier. It was soon after disbanded by me being unable to upkeep it. I then quit Wurm for a while, and started playing again near the middle of Gold Map 1, in about August of 2005.

Gold Map 1

I first joined Moi'Coh at the start of the map, where Azzu raised me up. I didn't like their style after a while and ended up leaving after a few weeks. I then joined with Veronica and made an area northwest of NT. I then went to Wild after working for a little while and went to Silron. I got killed there by Errry and Sye, and went back to HS and rejoined back up with Veronica in Seaside. Then I quit after a few days, not feeling like playing after being backstabbed on the wild server. I started playing Gold Map 2 around December in 2007.

Gold Map 2

I was a proud citizen of Shore Haven. I am now a citizen of Whitehill under Fathertime. I plan to become a great toy-maker for the reason that it's probably the hardest skill to train and no one else wants to do it. I doubt I will ever go premium due to my high goals for free people. If I do go premium, I'm probably gonna have to have 20 yoyo and toy-making skill first.