Animal fat

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Animal fat
A Animal fat

Obtained through butchering.

  • Animal fat (various kg)
Skill and improvement


Collected from a creature's belly, this can be used to create candles and in cooking.


  • Used in some cooking recipes and in creating candles and farmer's salve.
  • Can be obtained by butchering animals, including starving animals.
  • Butchered products decay extremely fast outside of bulk storage.
Creatures that yield fat
Animal Weight (kg)
Bison 4.00
Black wolf 3.00
Bull 4.00
Calf 3.00
Cow 4.00
Deer 4.00
Dog 3.00
Foal 3.00
Hen 1.00
Horse 4.00
Pheasant 1.00
Pig 3.00
Rooster 1.00
Seal 2.00
Wild boar 3.00

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