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A Candle
  • Candle (0.05 or 0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


A candle made from tallow repeatedly dipped around a cloth wick.


  • Candles will emit light upon being lit. They lose quality over time. They are also part of candelabra and Snow lantern.
  • On success, 1.00kg of fat and 0.08kg of string is consumed to create a 0.05kg candle.
  • If you fail creating a candle, you use 0.005 of the animal fat and 0.01 of the string of cloth.
  • The quality of animal fat determines the chance to create a candle.
  • The quality of the string of cloth used determines the quality of the candle. A candle's quality is no more than the quality of the string of cloth.
  • Candles burn at a rate of .5QL per minute.
  • Cannot be stored in a Bsb.

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