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A Concrete
  • 1x Concrete (3.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


Concrete, for instance used to raise cave floors.


Concrete is used to raise a cave floor or the rock surface layer.

Skills & Characteristics


  • The quality of the lye used to create the concrete affects your success chance.
  • Right click a cave floor tile or exterior rock tile with the concrete and select > raise corner - this raises the corner the equivalent of 1 dirt.
  • The corner closest to where you are standing will be the one that is raised, just like when dropping dirt.
  • Unsuccessful attempts result in the loss of .05kg lye and .30 kg mortar
  • Concrete can be used to raise an underwater cave tile as long as the tile is 25 dirts deep or less; below that you get the message: The water is too deep and would only dissolve the concrete.
  • Can be used to raise a corner to a maximum of 25 slope on PvP servers or 40 slope on PvE servers.
  • Cannot be used on any corner of a cliff tile regardless of slope.
  • If used to raise the corner of a surface rock tile, the surrounding area must also be rock.
  • The actual application of concrete and raising corners gives masonry skill.
  • To utilize Circle of cunning or Wind of ages when creating, it must be cast on the lye.
  • The quality of the concrete and your masonry skill affects the speed of which the concrete is applied.
  • You cannot raise reinforced cave floors.