Circle of cunning

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Circle of cunning
Circle of cunning

Faith: 51
Favor: 50
Difficulty: 60
Target: Item
Casting time: 20 seconds
Cooldown time: 0 minutes


Only a Priest of Vynora can cast this spell


Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used.

Increases skill gain percentage on the item when used as a tool.

  • Skill gain increases in percentage equal to the enchantment power (listed in brackets on examine).


  1. Activate your deity's statuette
  2. Right-click on the item you wish to enchant.
  3. Select Spells > Circle of cunning
  • The spell can be cast multiple times to try to improve the effect of it.
  • Success of casting the spell depends on your channeling skill and related bonuses.

Enchant usage

Circle of cunning works on any item that is being treated as the activated "tool" for an action or otherwise contributes to a skill roll. For example, a pelt or lump with this enchantment would give more blacksmithing skill when improving a shovel, and charcoal with this enchantment would give more metallurgy skill when used to create steel. Other examples include Meditating skill gain on meditation rugs, weapon skill gain when fighting with an enchanted weapon, and shield skill gain from an enchanted shield.

  • You can cast this spell on Statuettes of <deity>, but it has no effect on channeling skill gain.
  • You can also cast this on water (and maybe other liquids inside containers), but does not work on smithing skill gains when tempering items, due to the improved item being the "tool" used when tempering them. However, enchanted water will provide greater skill gain when used for other skills, such as cloth tailoring.
  • This spell does not apply to characteristic gains.

Stacking enchantments

This spell is stackable with Aura of shared pain, Flaming aura, Frostbrand, Life transfer, Mind stealer, Nimbleness, Rotting touch, Venom, Wind of ages, and Demise spells.

This spell will not stack with Blessings of the dark.


There is a risk that this spell will destroy the item if you fail casting it. Circle of cunning shatter rate can be considered relatively high due to the spell's difficulty.


  • When cast on a metal lump or other item that can be combined, the item can be combined with others and will maintain the enchantment. Activate the enchanted item and combine with others.
  • Enchanted liquid must be dragged in its entirety between containers to retain the spell effects. Enchanted water in a container will also retain enchantment when using the "fill" command on other water in order to refill it.
    • When cast on water within a well or a fountain, the refilling of the container does not affect the spell (so long as some enchanted water is still left in the container before refilling).
  • As with other enchantments, this spell decays with the use of the item, except on weapons that are used in combat.