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A Lye
  • Lye (1.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


Made from ash and water, this is used when preparing leather.

A mixture made through alchemy for making leather out of animal hide, and for creating corrosive traps and concrete.


  • When creating lye, all water in the container you're using will be replaced with lye, and ash will be consumed at a ratio of 0.10 kg for every full litre (1.00 kg) of water.
  • Even when using 45 kg of water (a small barrel worth) and 0.10 kg of ash, all water will be consumed and 1.00 kg lye created.
  • If you use 0.20 kg of ash with 2 kg of water, you can create 2.00 kg of lye. Note that excess water will still be wasted.
  • Quality of the lye is capped by the quality of the ash used and affected by your skill check success in natural substances.
  • Failing to create lye uses 0.10 kg of water and 0.10 kg of ash.
  • Lye is not edible. If you try to drink it, you get the message "Eww.. the lye tastes funny and won't quench your thirst at all!"
  • Rare lye adds +1 to the QL of leather produced. Additional applications of rare lye need further research.