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Alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer can cause the player to become intoxicated or addicted.

Intoxication and addiction have various bonuses and penalties, and some alcoholic beverages are stronger than others.


A player's intoxication is increased by drinking alcoholic beverages, and reduces gradually over time.

Alcohol strength

  • Stronger forms of alcohol will contribute more to intoxication.
  • Quality of the beverage increases its strength.
    • Strength ranges from 100% to 150% of the base strength of the alcohol consumed, depending on quality.
  • When drinking any beverage, 0.20 liters are consumed at a time, about once per second.
    • If less than 0.20 liters is drunk at a time, the amount of intoxication is scaled. For example, drinking 0.10 liters will increase intoxication half as much as 0.20 liters.

Levels and effects of intoxication

Intoxication has numerous effects on the player and their actions, achieved at different levels of intoxication.

When drinking alcohol, a message is given indicating the player's current level of intoxication, from 0% to 100%.

  • "You are tipsy.": 10% – 20%
  • "You are getting drunk.": 20% – 30%
    • Starting at this level, drinking alcohol also increases alcohol addiction.
  • "You are drunk.": 30% – 60%
    • Starting at some point within this range, the player begins taking 50% reduced damage from attacks.
  • "You are really really drunk.": 60% – 90%
  • "You can barely walk.": 90% – 95%
    • Starting at this level, the player's walking speed is drastically reduced.
    • Starting at this level, the player also has a chance to spill food or beverages instead of consuming them. This will destroy the entire item, or spill the entire contents of the beverage container, even a stationary container such as a well or fountain.
  • "You are setting some kind of record.": 95% – 100%
  • "You made it to the top! You are perfectly drunk!": 100%
    • At this level, the Drunkard title is achieved.

Some effects increase gradually with intoxication level:


A player's alcohol addiction level is increased by drinking alcoholic beverages when beyond the "tipsy" stage of intoxication.

Alcohol addiction level gradually decreases over time, but only when the player's intoxication level is 0%. In other words, the addiction level only goes down while the player is completely sober. This means the player may be susceptible to withdrawal.

  • By reaching a high enough addiction level, the Alcoholic title is achieved.


When completely sober (0% intoxication) and with a high addiction level, the player has a chance of randomly failing actions with the following message: "You tremble and shake from withdrawal." This has no effect on some actions, and can have severe consequences for others, depending on the action being performed.

  • If this occurs when improving, extremely high amounts of damage may be done to the item being improved.


Various Achievements can be gained by performing tasks related to alcohol:

  • Commanding a boat while intoxicated.
  • Commanding a cart while intoxicated.


  • Praying has a small chance of removing any intoxication and addiction from the player, if they already have some level of addiction.
  • Alcoholic beverages can be drunk regardless of thirst level.