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A Ballista
Total materials
  • Ballista (70 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.
Main / Skills / Carpentry / Fine carpentry / Ballista


This is a large mounted crossbow firing enormous bolts.

This war machine fires ballista darts, it is used like catapults.


To load a ballista, activate a ballista dart, right-click the ballista, and select Machine > Load.

You will then have the right-click options to Machine > Unload to remove the dart, Winch, Winch five laps, and Winch ten laps, shoot 1, 5, or 10 tiles further. This will start an action timer and each lap will take 1 second to winch. While winching, the winch at the back of the ballista is animated.

Having winched it, you can unload the dart, or unwind the ballista which results in an event log message. The ballista makes a whirring sound as you release the tension on the winch.

To fire the ballista, have it loaded and winched, and place it so it faces in the direction you wish to fire in by picking it up and dropping it. When dropped, it will always face away from you. Right-click the ballista, select Machine > Fire, and watch your event log for messages. Firing the ballista will animate the model.


The ballista dart shatters.

Total materials

  • 1 small nails
  • 1 large nails
  • 1 shaft
  • 1 log (24 kg)
  • 4 cordage rope
  • 12 planks
  • 9 copper lump (1.00 kg)
  • 60 zinc lump (1.00 kg)


  • 60 brass lump (0.10 kg) made from zinc and copper
  • 2 brass ribbon
  • 1 machine mount


  • A higher quality machine mount increases your success chance for creating.
  • It can picked up by hand, and loaded into large carts and wagons.
  • Requires 60 fine carpentry skill to create.