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A Bridle
Total materials
  • Bridle (0.80 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 4g of paint.


These thin leather reins, headstall and metal bit should be put on the head of a creature to direct it.


  • A bridle can be used to lead a creature without the use of a rope. You must have an item (doesn't matter what) activated in order to lead the animal.
  • Bridles can be worn by:
  • To add a bridle:
    • Tame or brand the animal you want to put the bridle on.
    • Right-click the animal and choose look>equipment.
    • Drag and drop the bridle to the head
  • Has no effect on the turning arc of a mount.
  • Mouth bit quality affects success chance when creating. In case of failure, the headstall takes damage

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