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Horse shoe
A Horse shoe
  • Horse shoe (0.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course.

Horse shoes are U-shaped metal items which can be equipped on a horse's hooves to help it move faster.

Can be made of any metal.

Can be worn by


  • Tame or brand the animal you want to put the horseshoe(s) on to.
  • Right click the animal and choose look>equipment.
  • Open the Torso, Legs, and Forelegs.
  • Drag and drop a individual horseshoe to each hoof.

Note: Horseshoes MUST be cold before putting them on!

Speed Boost

Horseshoes increase the speed of a horse. How much speed is gained is a factor of:

The effects of each of these factors is additive.


  • Horseshoes are damaged with every step the horse takes while mounted. Horseshoes are not damaged on horses being led.
  • Horseshoes made out of gold, silver, or electrum use Jewelry Smithing skill to improve instead of Blacksmithing skill. Blacksmithing skill is still used to create them, and determines quality level at creation.

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