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A Saddle
Total materials
  • Saddle (4.50 kg)
Skill and improvement
Main / Skills / Tailoring / Leatherworking / Saddle


A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups.

Equipped on the torso of a mounted horse or hell horse, a saddle will provide a slight speed bonus to movement and also prevent the horse from roaming.

Can be worn by


  • Tame or brand the animal you want to put the saddle on to
  • Right click the animal and choose look>equipment.
  • Drag and drop the saddle to the torso


  • Can put Saddle bags or Saddle sacks in the saddle.
  • Saddles only increase the speed of mounted horses. A horse hitched to a vehicle will gain no benefit from wearing a saddle.
  • The speed enhancement depends on quality, with a higher speed bonus at higher quality.
  • Enchantment with Wind of Ages or Blessings of the dark will also add a speed enhancement, with a higher speed bonus at higher enchantment power.
  • Speed bonuses increase smoothly with increasing quality and enchantment power.
  • Girth quality affects the chance of creating. In case of failure the girth can be destroyed and the saddle seat is damaged.
  • On creation failure, both components are damaged.
  • Riding an equipped horse will cause decay to the saddle.

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