Bulk container unit

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Bulk container unit
A Bulk container unit
Total materials
  • 1 Bulk container unit (86.5 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 38400g of paint.


A rack to store bulk storage bins.


  • Requires 50 fine carpentry to begin and/or continue creation.
  • The bulk container unit holds 4 bulk storage bins.
  • Can be planted.
  • Cannot be mailed.
  • Bulk storage bins in the container unit must be empty in order to pick up the bulk container unit.
  • Acts like a four-times-capacity bulk storage bin with four shelves for sorting.
  • Individual bulk storage bins cannot be added or removed once created.
  • To rename the shelves: after creation, "take" the bulk container unit into your inventory to establish ownership. Then you can plant the unit, and rename the shelves as the owner.
  • Each individual shelf can be locked with a large padlock or small padlock, which prevents use until unlocked unless permissions are set.
  • The minimum allowed quality of items put into each individual shelf can be dictated by the Quality lock feature.