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Charcoal pile
A Charcoal pile
Total materials
  • Charcoal pile (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


A large kiln-like structure made from logs covered in dirt. The purpose is to turn the logs into tar and charcoal.

Charcoal pile is a large structure made from logs and dirt and lit up with a kindling. When it burns, it slowly creates charcoal, tar and ash. They are mainly used to create charcoal in order to make steel lumps.


  • The quality of the kindling affects the chance of creating a charcoal pile.
  • The maximum quality of a coal pile is limited by the average quality of the raw materials. The coal-making skill however affects how much each added ingredient actually adds to the piles quality.
  • It uses 1 kindling and 1 log to create. Using combined kindling will use the entire combined amount.
  • Piles cannot be created or continued inside a house.


  • After finishing the pile, light it with your steel and flint and a kindling in your inventory.
  • Once lit the pile will produce charcoal, tar and ash of the initial quality of the pile whenever a decay tick increases its damage. The pile products can be removed at any time without harm to further production.
  • The pile will burn for one to six real life days until it reaches 100 damage. At this time the pile will disappear and all remaining products will form an item pile on the ground.
  • The higher the quality, the longer the pile will burn and the more products it will produce:
Battlepants' test for the approximation of pile quality and number of produce.
* 29.75ql birchpile produced 17 charcoals
* 56.58ql birchpile produced 30 charcoals
* 46.01ql walnutpile produced 25 charcoals
  • Light as soon as possible. Unlit piles will soon start to take "invisible" damage till lit, which is when the damage becomes apparent. Products are then produced with the effective quality of the pile at the time of lighting.


  • A single charcoal, ash, and tar is produced at each decay tick.
  • Wood type affects production:
    • Cedarwood piles burn slower due to their decay tick mechanic, but produce the same amount as a non special wood type.
    • Oakenwood piles produce more charcoal as they take less decay per tick and thus have more ticks.
    • Walnut Piles give a 10% bonus on the quality of the items it produces.
    • Other wood types have no effect on burn time or charcoal production.
  • The last log added determines the wood type of the pile. So you could add 20 pine logs, but have the final one added be an oak log, and you would get an oak charcoal pile.
  • Ash decays fast, even inside the pile as it burns.
  • Making 20 piles from discovery without sleep bonus will net around 24 Coal-making Skill.
  • It is possible to get a rarity drumroll while continuing a charcoal pile which will produce a random number of rare charcoal, ash and tar.