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A Ash

Made from a burnt out campfire or charcoal pile

  • Ash (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


Blended with water, this would produce lye.

Ash is acquired either from a burnt out campfire, forge, oven, kiln, smelter, or charcoal pile. It is most often used as a component in the creation of lye.


  • Adding logs to campfires will not increase the amount of ash created. Therefore, multiple fires are suggested for the purpose of bulk ash generation.
  • To gather ash from a forge, oven, kiln, or smelter, activate a shovel, right-click the burning vessel that was recently used, and select "clean". A fire must not be actively burning here in order to effectively gather any ash. It is also worth noting that ash will not be collectable from the burning vessel unless a fire has first burned there for at least 30 uninterrupted, real-life minutes. At the 30-minute mark of a burn, enough material will have been consumed to create a collectable amount of ash. The actual act of gathering ash with a shovel from any such burning vessel utilizes the firemaking skill.

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