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Crate rack
A Crate rack
Total materials
  • 1 Crate rack (6.5 kg)
Skill and improvement


A rack to store crates.

Crate rack for storing large crates and small crates.


  • The crate rack can hold 30 large crates or 51 small crates.
  • Can be planted.
  • Can be locked with either a large padlock or a small padlock.
  • Cannot be mailed.
  • Has to be empty in order to be picked up.
  • Crate rack can have Silver Magranon 10% volume rune for 33 large crate "Confirmed Ca Nordlys 5-31-2022)
  • Does not reduce decay of crates loaded inside.
  • To move crates into a crate rack, drag them from a vehicle's hold into the crate rack window.
Crate Rack with crates in it