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Small crate
A Small crate
Total materials
  • Small crate
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 1500g of paint.


A small crate made from planks, primarily used to transport goods.


  • Requires 10 carpentry to create.
  • The plank's QL determines the success chance.
  • Prevents decay of its contents similar to bulk storage bin and food storage bins.
  • Items that fit in bulk or food storage bins also fit in crates.
  • A small crate can hold up to 150 items, regardless of individual item volume and the crate itself, empty or otherwise, has a volume of 1,000. This creates the vision that the crate is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside as the volume of 150 dirt alone, for example, way exceeds that of the crate.
  • May be 'Hauled Up' to upper floors of buildings, and 'Hauled Down', but to haul down you must be on the same floor opening as the crate, and not below it. To haul up, you must be on the floor opening above the crate.
  • Hauling only works on floor openings with ladders and not with stairs or gaps in the floor.
  • May be loaded while full or empty, but cannot be picked up to the inventory regardless.
  • Small crates aren't efficient for transporting items with a volume of less than 6.66 since the 150 of these items would take up a lot less volume in a smaller container than that of the crate, for example seeds in satchels.
  • 5% of each of the stored items are lost every 28 days. This loss does not apply to containers on a deed with more than 28 days of upkeep left.
  • Can be stored in a crate rack.

Vehicle Load Capacity

Vehicle Quantity
Large cart 5
Wagon 20
Cog 51
Corbita 85
Knarr 75
Caravel 100

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