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Altars in Wurm are used as the focus for religious rituals, including praying to a Wurm diety in order to gain religious faith, and sacrificing goods and animals.

There are four primary types of altars:

There are also two special types of altars on PvP servers which are not craftable by players:


The domain of a deity provides bonuses to all their followers, priests and champions. An altar provides a portal from which a deity may funnel their domain into the lands of Wurm and also a place where followers may pray or sacrifice in respect to their deity.

When standing on a tile in the domain of your deity any follower, priest or champion will receive a small bonus to some of their skills, such as fighting skill. These bonuses vary between gods. The strength of the bonus is affected by many variables such as the follower's faith and alignment, the distance from the altar, and the altar's QL. The material type of an altar has no effect on domain influence or bonuses; it is strictly cosmetic.

The distance of influence for a domain depends entirely on the QL of nearby altar(s). The highest quality, and therefore most influential, will control the domain in the area.

In the below example, an altar of Fo and an altar of Magranon are within 4 tiles of each other. The resulting domain influence for each tile is pictured.


Destroying an altar

It is possible to destroy an altar via the "desecration" action. To desecrate an altar of your own faith, you must go "unfaithful" in the action bar. If you desecrate an altar of your deity you stop following that god and have your faith and favor reset to 0. Exorcism skill is gained. The altar is removed from the game.

You can also bash an Altar with a maul or similar item to destroy an altar.


  • Any items placed on the altar do not get sacrificed - only items placed inside the altar do.
  • Rarity in altars adds faith bonus and improves alignment gains in sermons. Faith bonus for altar rarity is an extra 1% for rare, 2% for supreme, and 3% for fantastic. While with normal status, an altar gives 4 alignment gain, rarity is as follows: 5 for rare, 6 for supreme, and 7 for fantastic.
  • Sacrificing items at an altar requires one to have at least 10 faith with the deity that the altar belongs to.

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