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Silver altar
A Silver altar
  • Silver altar (5.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


A metal altar made out of silver.


  • Failure to create the altar will use up 0.5 kg of silver
  • Regardless of which god has domain over an area, any altar may be created in that area.
  • Silver altars need to have the bless spell cast on them in order to be set to a specified deity. Stone and wooden altars, on the other hand, do not have this requirement.
  • Improvement of the altar requires the standard jewelsmithing or blacksmithing tools. The use of heat here to make the altar "glowing" is not necessary as it is in most other smithing and metal-works endeavors.
  • Any items placed on the altar do not get sacrificed - only items placed inside the altar do.
  • All altars can be pushed/pulled/placed once created. They cannot be loaded onto a vehicle or picked-up into inventory.


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