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Wooden altar
A Wooden altar
Total materials
  • Wooden altar
Skill and improvement


A wooden altar, with decorations depicting famous religious events.

Making of an altar

  • The quality of the small nails affects the success chance when creating.
  • The small nails used to create the wooden altar is lost when you fail creating and the plank is damaged.
  • You need to be a follower or a priest of a god to create and continue the Altar.
  • The altar is dedicated to the god of the character who finishes it, not the one that starts it.
  • All altars can be pushed/pulled/placed once created. They cannot be loaded onto a vehicle or picked-up into inventory.
  • All altars can be created even within a different god's domain.
  • The metal type of the bowl used in creation does not change the final appearance of the altar or its bowl.
  • Any items placed on the altar do not get sacrificed - only items placed inside the altar do.


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