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Felled Tree
A Felled Tree
  • 1 Felled Tree (varies)
Skill and improvement


A felled tree. Can be used in palisades or to make smaller logs from. It is made from [wood type].

Cuts to fell

As trees age they take more hits to cut down.

  • At 85 Woodcutting and using a 85 ql hatchet an overage tree usually takes 2 hits to fall.


  • A felled tree is primarily used for making logs, wooden palisade gates, palisades, keel sections and masts.
  • The quality of the felled tree depends on the character's woodcutting skill as well as the quality of the hatchet used to fell it.
  • A felled tree consumes 320 volume regardless of weight.
  • A Hatchet is the most effective tool for cutting them down. Many medium size and larger bladed tools or weapons can, at a slower speed, cut down a tree.
  • You can now right-click Felled Trees and select 'Discard' to get rid of them immediately.
  • Older trees (except shrivelled) produce a heavier felled tree. See tree ages for more information.
Age Weight
Old (1) 106.67 kg
Old (1), sprouting 120.00 kg
Old (2) 133.33 kg
Old (2), sprouting 146.67 kg
Very old 160.00 kg
Very old, sprouting 173.33 kg
Overaged 186.67 kg

Rare Functionality

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Note: Rare functionality is still not completely understood and is an exciting aspect of the game. Most information listed is only an observation of one or more players rather than confirmed by developers.
  • A rare felled tree will produce a few normal logs and a single rare log. The rare log is created from the last log cut from its trunk.