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Fish keep net
A Fish keep net
Total materials

Fish keep net (10.00 kg)

Skill and improvement


A net that is used to hold fish caught, whilst fishing, to keep them fresh.

A keep net may be attached to a boat, and is used to preserve freshly caught fish (i.e. reduce decay).


  • Must be planted in water to act as a container. The water must be shallow, 2-30 depth.
  • Dropping it will not allow fish to be kept inside
  • Must be empty to pick up.
  • The fish keep net will not actually catch fish and is sometimes confused with its counterpart that does catch fish - the fishing net.
  • As for attachment to a ship, only the row boat and sailing boat can be equipped with a fish keep net. To access the net here, right-click the boat while embarked and select among the open/attach/detach options. Visually, the fish keep net is visible when attached to a ship.
  • Fish keep nets must be empty in order to detach, attach, open, or to be picked up.

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