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Fishing net
A Fishing net
Total materials

Fishing net (1.00 kg)

Skill and improvement


A net that can be used to catch small fish in shallows. It could be improved with a string of cloth.

The fishing net can be used to catch small fish in shallow waters. Small fish may be used directly, or turned into bait to use on larger fish.


  • The fishing net is the only fishing method capable of yielding sardines. Players can also catch clams, perch, and roach with it.
  • Use of the net utilizes the fishing skill.
  • At the time of a successful catch, the caught fish or clam will remain contained in the net. Further use of the net then requires removal of that fish from the net. Several minnows can be held before a required emptying, while just one clam then calls for emptying in order to continue fishing.
  • Fishing using the fishing net does not require any "clicking" or active participation from the player, as do other fishing methods, in order to make a catch.
  • The fishing net only takes damage on actions in which it successfully makes a catch.
  • The fishing net takes a large amount of decay damage outside the players inventory.
  • Fishing nets cannot be dyed.

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