Frost turret

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Frost turret
A Frost turret
  • Frost turret (150kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Cast must be dispelled in order for turret to be improved.

Main / War machines / Fine carpentry A pole in chains floats here. It seems inhabited by frost spirits.

Frost turrets are strange devices that have been cast upon with courier or Dark messenger while near water. They cause damage to nearby enemies.


  • Only function on PvP servers. On PvE Freedom servers, they are purely decorative.
  • Must be 10 tiles away from another turret.
  • Range of fire is ~8 tiles.
  • Attack may be blocked with a shield.
  • Can not be loaded on a large cart, wagon.
  • Can be picked up.
  • In order to improve or re-cast upon they must be first dispelled.
  • Turret range (Up to 5x their base range at 100ql) and rate of fire (up to 33% faster at 100ql) will increase based on quality.