Strange device

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Strange device
A Strange device
Total materials
  • Strange device (150kg)
Skill and improvement

Main / Skills / Carpentry / Fine carpentry / Strange device


A pole fastened in chains lies here.

Turret Types

A Strange device becomes one of four elemental turrets when cast upon with Courier or Dark messenger under specific circumstances. The basic device is simply ornamental.


  • Turrets only function on PvP servers. On PvE Freedom servers, they can still be created but are purely decorative, unless spawned as part of an active rift.
  • Needs 40 fine carpentry skill to start.
  • Can be picked up. But will not fit into a large cart or wagon.
  • Cannot be dyed with dye, but can be dyed with a color rune.
  • Turret type depends on the circumstances upon where the cast occurs.
  • A converted device must first be dispelled in order to improve on the item quality or cast.
  • Courier / Dark messenger can't shatter a strange device.