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A house is a structure meant for living, storage, as a gateway, or simply for decoration, built of wood, timber and clay, or various types of bricks. Houses must be built on flat ground.

Planning a House

In order to create a house, you will need a mallet to plan. Activate your mallet and right-click the flat tile you want to build on and select Plan Building. You can plant further tiles of the same house the in the same manner as long as they are adjacent to the initial house tile. Once you have completed your housing plan, right click on the plans of the building and select Finalize Build Plan. You may still edit the plan of the building after you have finalized by right-clicking the tile you want to build on and selecting Add to building plan. This can be done even after all of the house is complete by destroying a single wall and expanding the building through Add to building plan.

If you made a mistake, you can delete a part of the plan by right clicking the tile of the plan you want to remove and select Remove Plan Here If you want to delete the entire plan, right-click the structure and select Structure > Destroy structure. You will be given a confirmation window to make sure this is what you want to do.

Once you have finalized the build plan, you are required to complete the ground/first floor before you will be allowed to build another floor.


Building a house is based on the carpentry skill for wood and timber houses and a mixture of both carpentry and masonry for stone/brick houses. The minimum requirement of carpentry skill required to build a house is 5, and this can usually be obtained by creating the planks for your first wooden house. If your house is to be made out of stone, 30 masonry skill is required.

To create, right click one of the wall sections and select 'Add to Crafting Window'. The wall plan will be on one side, and you will need to put in a mallet or trowel for the second crafting window in order to select what you would like to build. There are various wall plans and they all require the same skills to create with the exception of masonry for stone options. To start the creation process, you will need to have the items required in your inventory: planks for wooden houses, wooden beams for timber houses, bricks and mortar for stone houses.

Once you have finished all of the wall plans for the ground/first floor, the house is considered complete, and you can move on to create more houses.

Multi-Story Housing

For Multi-story housing please see the full wiki page at Multi-story_housing that goes into depth about it.


A house preserves your possessions by reducing decay, and protects them from theft on PVE servers. If the doors are equipped with a door lock, no one may enter your house except the friends you give permissions to, unless the door is lockpicked. Lockpicking only applies to PvP servers. Freedom servers do not allow lockpicking of houses.

On the Freedom server, a locked house is the single best protection against theft. Whether on deed or off, houses there cannot be bashed down or lockpicked, though anyone can enter if you do not put door locks on all doors. Since a house's locks cannot be picked on Freedom, the door lock's quality isn't really very important there.

Beds, which are useful for gaining sleep bonus, only work when inside a house.

If the owner of a house has not logged in for 3 months, the house is marked as abandoned, and takes much higher decay damage.

Permissions Management

When the house is fully planned the planner will see it under the Building Management window. The house can be managed by right clicking on the house and selecting Permissions > Manage Building. In the management window you can modify various settings for the house. These settings will not take effect until all of the first floor walls are complete. The May Enter permission will not work until the doors are locked.

You can change the name of the house or transfer ownership from the Building Permission window.


When the plan is finished the building will be given a default name that consists of the creator's name and a designation depending on the size of the house. The name can be changed through permissions management.

Designations used, based on number of tiles:

  • shed - 1 - 2
  • shack - 3
  • cottage - 4 - 5
  • house - 6
  • villa - 7 - 10
  • mansion - 11 - 20
  • estate - 21 - 30
  • stronghold - 31 - 65

House Plan Examples

Numbers listed above each plan is the minimum carpentry skill required. You can also check HouseCalc for the carpentry skill and materials required for your custom plan without download. At this time, this tool does not incorporate timber-framed materials.

1-4 tiles

5    8     11         12    14       
X    XX    XX  XXX    XX    XXXX  XXX  XXX
           X          XX          X     X 

5 tiles

15     17
XXX    XXXXX  XXXX  XXXX  XXX  XXX  X      X   X   X
XX            X      X    X X  X    XXX  XXX  XXX  XX
                               X    X    X     X    XX

6 tiles

16     18
XXX    XX     XX    XXX   XX   XX
                           X   X
        X       X       X    X  X  X X   XX     XX X

 XXXX  XXXX  X      X      X      X  XXX
 X      X    X     X     X     X      XX

Larger examples

21   32    45     60      77       96
                  XXXXXX  XXXXXXX  XXXXXXXX
                          XXXXXXX  XXXXXXXX

The formula to calculate the carpentry skill needed to build a house is the number of tiles + the number of outer walls, for example: a 4 by 4 wall has 16 tiles and 16 outer walls so it would take 32 carpentry, for multi-story houses the formula is the same but there's an additional requirement based on the number of floors, refer to Multi-story_housing


The ground is not flat enough.
The highest slope of where you are trying to plan your building exceeds 0. Since multistory buildings have been added houses can only be planned on absolute flat surfaces.
Your structure must connect everywhere.
You tried to plan a tile that is not connected to the rest of your plan.
You need space to build the walls. Another building is too close.
You tried to plan a building within one tile of another building.
There is already a building there.
You tried to extend the plan of your building within one tile of another building.
Only the owner of <House name> can remodel it.
You tried to add an inner wall to a house that is not owned by you.
You are not skilled enough in carpentry to extend your house in that direction.
You tried to make your house bigger than your carpentry level allows.
You must finish the outer walls first.
You tried to plan an inner wall without having finished the outer walls.
<Deed name> does not allow that.
You tried to plan your building in the perimeter of a foreign settlement.
This action is not allowed here, because the tile is on a player owned deed that has disallowed it.
You tried to plan your building on a foreign settlement that disallows you from building on it.
Houses need at least one door. Build a door first.
You tried to continue the second to last wall without having a door planned.
You are not allowed to expand <Player's name> planned structure.
You tried to add to a building plan before finishing the plan.
You can't build on water.
Occurs when trying to plan a house on a tile that is 1 or more dirts below the water table.
The water is too deep.
Occurs when trying to build a fence on a tile that is 1 or more dirts below the water table.
You cannot build here, there must be a gap around the building.
Occurs when trying to plan a house in a cave that does not have a buffer around it when the cave is against the deed border. Also can occur when trying to plan a house in a cave when the house is off deed.
You need to build in connection with a finished neighboring floor, roof or wall.
Occurs when trying to plan a roof or floor that is not adjacent to an already finished floor/roof/or lower wall. Finish the adjacent tiles first before you can plan this tile.
The ceiling is too close.
Occurs underground when trying to add a tile to a building plan when the cave ceiling above would be too low for a single storey building. Mine the cave ceiling a little first, before planning this tile.

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